Les Vins Contés R20 Rouge 2020


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This is a natural wine without added yeasts and with very little, or no added sulphites. This leads to wines with great purity of fruit but might also lead to more outspoken aromas. Beware that this style might be different from what you are used to when drinking conventional wines.

Producent Les Vins Contés
Cuvee R20 Rouge 
Vintage 2020
Land Frankrijk
Streek Loire Valley
Appelatie France | Loire Valley | Vin de France |
Druif Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Grolleau
Formaat 0.75 L

Olivier Lemasson – Les Vins Contés Based in Monthou sur Bière in the valley of the Cher. Olivier studied and worked as a somellier before he felt he got bored of stiff restaurants. He started working at Eric Macé in Rennes and luckily he was the first cave to stock natural wines in the city! He spent 4 years interning at Marcel Lapierre before spending a whole year there between the chai and the vines. He set up a négoce structure in 2002 with Hervé Villemade who left the project in 2006 to focus on his own domain. Nowadays he is the one in charge but gets helps from friends like Jeremy Quastana for the every day tasks in the vineyard and in the cellar. Olivier buys all of his grapes from growers he trusts and also owns 2 hectares of his own. All the grapes from the négoce are organic and he even had to put an end to some partnership because of the reluctancy of some land-owners to invest in organic agriculture. He vinifies a total of 12 hectares in Cheverny and 2 hectares in Touraine (the parcels he owns). However he rejects the A.O.C and bottles all of his production in Vin de France. It was not a choice at first: in 2006, he had 300 hectoliters of wine waiting for the jury’s approval and every single cuvée was declassified for “atipicity”. A common yet very vague notion that the jury uses mostly to reject wines made with minimal intervention. This decision is based on a tasting with a panel of growers, sometimes neighbours. He was rejected a second and third time, still on the notion of “atipicity” although the chemical analysis came out perfectly, no excessive volatile acidity for example. Olivier’s wine did not taste like the jury wanted or expected it to, in a Loire A.O.C. He initally thought he would struggle to sell out the 300 hectoliters as Vin de Table, especially for the export market but everything went smoother then he expected. It was harder but he decided since to not worry about the A.O.C and its jury panel and bottles everything straight in Vin de Table. His vinification is straightforward: hand harvested, whole cluster carbonic fermentation of 10 to 30 days for the reds, no pigeage or racking. Vin de France – R20 Vineyard: different parcels Grape variety: Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Syrah en Grenache. Olivier lost most of his own crop because of the frost for his harvest in 2017. Half of the wine is made from his own Gamay and Cabernet Franc grapes. The other half is made of Syrah and Grenache, which he bought from the Roussillon. (The names of the wine makers, where he bought the grapes from are on the label, Edouard en Loic) Terroir: various flinty and clay soils Winemaking: because the grapes do not ripen at the same time but Olivier still vinifies them together he borrowed a technique from Isabelle Frère. He picks the gamay first and puts them in a vat saturated with CO2, he then adds the Grolleau about a week later and 3 days later the Côt. All the grapes are fermented in whole cluster. The free-run juice is racked to make his bubbles. No S02 at any stage.

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