Causse Marines Zacmau 2017


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Domaine Causse Marines The name was given in 1993 after its purchase by Virginie Maignien and Patrice Lescarret. The domaine spreads above a thin limestone“causse”, name given to a group of limestone plateaus of the Massif Central. Marines is the name of the stream at the bottom of the property. Patrice studied oenology in Bordeaux but after a few jobs in Sancerre and Provence decided to start making wine naturally in Gaillac. They started with 8ha, now over 18ha and their original focus is to bring forward forgotten indigenous grapes of the region. They faced issues with the old-fashioned bureaucracy that oversees the Appelation system, untill they decided to register most of their wines in Vin de Table, highlighting the anachronism of the A.O.C. system. They still have no clones, only vines planted and grafted the old-school way before the war. The young-vines are all from massal selection. They are demeter certified. The Gaillac region is home to a large variety of grapes: Syrah, Duras, Braucol, Prunelard, Jurancon, Mauzac (noir, gris, rose, blanc), Ondenc, Loin de l’oeil, Muscadelle, Sémillion and Chenin. Their yields range from 13 to 30hl/ha over the last 10 years, all harvested and sorted by hand. In the cellar everything is vinified in the same philosophy as their farmer’s hard work. No additivies and no chemicals. They filter using clay for some cuvées (those with residual sugar for example). A few of their cuvées have no added sulfur at all! In Patrice and Virginie’s own words: “You can make it organic without having long hair and smoking; you can make natural wine that do not smell of cow fart”.

This is a natural wine without added yeasts and with very little, or no added sulphites. This leads to wines with great purity of fruit but might also lead to more outspoken aromas. Beware that this style might be different from what you are used to when drinking conventional wines.

Producent Causse Marines
Cuvee Zacmau 
Vintage 2017
Land France
Regio South West France
Appelatie France | South West France | Haut-Pays | Gaillac |
Druif Mauzac Blanc
Formaat 0.75 L

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