Buying at Vintrado

Products purchased on Vintrado will be delivered to you by mail after the selling party, or “vendor” has carefully packaged and sent it. The Vendor can be a private wine enthusiast with a large collection but this can also be a restaurant, retailer, importer or producer. Vintrado checks all Vendors through personal contact to verify their identity and make sure the storage is adequate.

Vintrado accepts payments with Ideal, Bankcontact, Maestro, Visa and American Express.

No, in contrast to many online retailers there is no minimum order quantity on Vintrado.

Your payment will be held on a third party account until you let us know that you have received your package in good order. We ask you to let us know you have received your order within 48 hours after reception. Only at this point will the payment be made available to the Vendor. Furthermore you have the option of reviewing the Vendor. These public reviews should will improve reliability of the Vendor.

Your order will be packaged and sent out by the Vendor no later than 2 working days after receiving the order. This means that your order should be with you within three working
days (for mainland The Netherlands). We recommend you to download the PostNL
app to stay up to date with the latest status of your order.

When you log into your Vintrado account you can track your orders under “my orders”. You can also see what products you have purchased.

Within a couple of minutes after placing an order on Vintrado you will receive a confirmation email. If you didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail, it could have ended up in your spam folder. In case there is no e-mail in your spam folder please check the “my orders” section in your Vintrado account. Please contact the Vintrado customer service in case you order is not visible
in your account.

All order over €75.- are shipped free of charge to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. On orders less than €75.- the shipping fees are €9,00 for The Netherlands. For shipping to other countries please see the 'shipping information' at the bottom of the page.

Yes, all shipments are insured. In case your packaged in damaged we will find a suitable solution with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

You will receive a Track & Trace after Vintrado has received your order. However the link included in the mail will only be activated after the Vendor has dropped off the package at a postal office.This will be done within two working days. In case the link is still not activated after this period please contact the Vintrado customer service.

In case the package is visibly damaged during transport we ask you not to accept the delivery. This will lead to the package being sent to the Vintrado office. Let us know within 48 hours that the order has been damaged during transport. To be able to help you as best and as quickly as we can, we ask you to take some pictures of the damaged package. Please send these images with a note on how many bottles were damaged as well as your order number to the Vintrado customer service. We will contact you as soon as possible to get a new order shipped to you.

Please let us know within 48
hours that the products you have received do not match those you have ordered. To be able to help you as best we can, we ask you to take a picture of the bottles you have received. Please send these images as your order number to the Vintrado customer service. We will contact you as soon as possible to get a new order out to you.

Vintrado is a platform focused on the end consumer, therefore orders can only be paid including VAT. In case your business is based in The Netherlands you can however use your company name and VAT number to reclaim the VAT.

No, Vintrado works with fixed, honest prices regardless of the quantity.

In case the stock of a product is so low that it risks selling out quickly we advertise this on the product page to avoid disappointment.

After a wine has been bottled by a producer it continues to evolve in bottle. During the ripening process the tannins will recede and secondary and tertiary aromas develop. The perfect moment to uncork a bottle of wine depends on the grape, region, vinification, winemaker but also your personal preference. We try to give you an indication with this drinking window but only you know how young or old you prefer to drink your wine.

In case you have any doubt about any product or Vendor on Vintrado please get in touch with the Vintrado customer service.

Absolutely, sign up for free and we will get in touch with you.

Selling on Vintrado

Anyone old enough to purchase wine can buy on Vintrado. This can be a consumer as well as a restaurant, distributor or retailer.

You can sign up and offer your wines on Vintrado for free. You only pay a small commission per transaction. In case you would like to start selling wine more professionally there are a number of different options with monthly subscription fees. Check out the different options here.

Very simple, sign up! The Vintrado team will contact you as soon as possible!

Vintrado receives the payment from the buyer at the check-out. This payment will be held on a third party bank account until the order has been received by the buyer. After the legal cooling-off period these will be transferred to you. Therefore you never have to worry about not receiving your funds.

You can offer wines on Vintrado from €1,00. However due to the shipping costs this price category is rarely interesting. Vintrado is specialized in the category from €15.- up.

No, you decide how many bottles you would like to offer on Vintrado. We do ask you to have all bottles offered on Vintrado in your possession so they can be shipped within two working days.

Yes, as long as the products were not yet sold you can take any product offline. In your Vendor account you can go to the individual product and click on “take offline”. You can also change the number of bottles you have in your inventory.

Every bottle is different. A bottle’s label or capsule can be slightly damaged or the fill level of an older bottle can be slightly diminished. These are all relevant pieces of information for a buyer. Buyers need to be able to see the actual product that they will receive rather than a perfect, professional image. Therefore we ask Vendors who are not professionally involved in the business (without VAT number) so add pictures of the actual bottles. Make sure the item is well lit and there are no reflections from flash or other light sources. The item you are selling might be in perfect condition but if the images are of poor quality it will diminish the chances of a quick sale.

The price of a bottle of wine varies greatly depending on region, sub-region, vintages and producers. To get an idea about the value of your bottle the Internet is of great help. Websites such as are great to get an indication. Vintrado asks you to check these prices and to not offer wines for a price 15% above the cheapest offer on the Dutch market. This will be checked by Vintrado before the wine becomes visible on the platform. In case you require assistance determining a fair price for your wines don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yes, it is essential that the correct vintage is filled in and that the vintage sold is the same as the vintage sent to the buyer. The buyer has the right to return bottles with a different vintage.

There can be a number of reasons for your wine to remain unsold. First of all check if the information on the product page is complete and you have added a high-quality bottle shot. In case this information is complete it is possible that the price you asked is too high compared to other Vendors on the Vintrado platform or elsewhere in the market. Check these prices and decrease your price if needed.

Congratulations on your first Vintrado order! You have received an e-mail with the details of the order. Please check carefully the number of bottles, bottle size and vintage. In your personal Vendor account you will find a shipping label. This label can be used for all order, regardless of the number of bottles as long as they fit in one case. It is your responsibility to deliver the package to a postal service within 2 working days from the moment the order came in.

The earlier you send out the package, the earlier you receive your settlement. From the moment the buyer receives the package there is a cooling-off period of 14 days after which we will transfer the settlement, minus the commission, to your account.

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