Focus on: Germany

Germany is one of the Nothernmost wine regions in Europe and is known to produce some truly world-class wines. Where consumers often still associate Germany with the high volume, low quality sweet wines of yesteryear the tide has changed. With the evolving tastes Germany’s finest wineries are producing more dry wine than ever before. The quality has increased significantly since the 70’s, so much so that of the Top 100 wines 2021 by James Suckling no less than 12 come from Germany!

Germany consists of 13 different wine regions of which the majority are located in the Western part of the country. More than 65% of its vineyards are dedicated to the production of white wines and almost 20% of the total vineyard area is planted with Riesling. Riesling’s capacity to age gracefully for years, if not decades makes it one of the favourite grapes for wine lovers around the world. This longevity comes from the natural acidity of the grape combined with the Northern location of Germany’s wine regions. Although the Riesling grape is still the absolute benchmark variety it would be unfair to ignore the stunning examples of wine produced from other grapes such as Spätburgunder, Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner and Weissburgunder just to name a few. These grapes are becoming more and more popular with sommeliers in particular due to their balance, moderate alcohol levels and gastronomic food-matching capabilities.

Whether you are looking for an easy-drinking Silvaner, a fresh Spätburgunder or a celebrated single vineyard Riesling Grosse Gewächs, Germany will have an option suited to your needs!